Bloom Yoga Mat

Size: 1830 x 680                       Thickness: 4mm                 Weight: 2.8 kg

Arriving soon! LIMITED EDITION – no restock of this mat will be made.

A HIGH QUALITY super grip mat that is not as expensive as other big brands.

The first mat and first merchandise that Yoga Bohol will be releasing — an ECO-FRIENDLY yoga mat made out of natural rubber that is PVC (polyvinyl chloride) free and biodegradable. It will give you an ultimate sticky grip that is essential for your practice especially if you have sweaty palms and feet. No matter how sweaty you get on your mat from a long and hard practice, you will never slip on it. This will keep your joints safe from over straining, specifically your wrists and ankles. Its smooth surface will keep your forearms from getting bruises when doing forearm planks too. This is a highly recommended mat for both advanced practitioners and total beginners for its excellent grip, firm stability and cushioning, with its foam carpet underlay, to protect joints.

Mat will come in three colors:

Rose Red




INTRODUCTORY Mat Price: Php 3,000

Reservation: Php 1,500

Reservation deadline: September 6, 2019

Reserve your mat color of choice for Php 1,500 NOW. Other half of the payment shall be made once the BLOOM YOGA MAT arrives (OCTOBER 2019). Reservation comes with a FREE YOGA MAT BAG (pictured above). Hurry and send a message to Yoga Bohol or DM @raisa_yoga to reserve and for your payment options before your color of choice runs out.


Working on your splits will translate not just into better flexibility, but it will also translate into that lighter feeling when you move into your inversions (headstand, forearmstand and handstand).

What you will get with the Splits Guide:

  • Key Poses that will help you unlock your Splits or Hanumanasana
  • 30 Poses that will slowly ease you into the pose
  • Sample Flow Class Card
  • Online Support through access to an exclusive facebook group dedicated to those who purchase the Splits Guide
  • Flow videos or modifications uploaded to the facebook group

Message Yoga Bohol or DM @raisa_yoga to purchase the ebook and for your payment options. PRICE: Php 500

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